Researchers to address lingering myths about impact of bilingualism

Montreal Gazette

Even in Quebec, where bilingual and immersion programs abound, doubts persist about potential disadvantages of bilingualism, and parents and educators still grapple with the best way to produce bilingual citizens.

A public lecture at McGill University on Friday night — Perspectives on Bilingualism: From Birth to Aging — hopes to debunk some of the most persistent myths about bilingualism.

Denise Klein, a researcher at the Montreal Neurological Institute focused on language and the brain, has organized a public lecture as part of a two-day international symposium on bilingualism and the brain that started on Thursday at the MNI.

“People still always want to know which language to focus on, which language to read to their children, which kindergarten they should choose,” Klein said. “Bilingualism is complex. Quebec is a particularly interesting place because both languages have high value and are used in everyday life.”

In addition to Klein, the panel will include Fred…

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